Should I install my deck before or after my stock tank pool is installed?

Should I install my deck before or after my stock tank pool is installed?

If you're considering installing a stock tank pool in your backyard, one key decision is whether to build your deck before or after the pool arrives. When dealing with Hastings stock tanks, which can vary in size due to how they are nested during transport, there's a compelling argument for waiting until after the pool is installed to build your deck.

The Case for Installing the Pool First

Here's why it makes sense to prioritize installing your stock tank pool before constructing your deck:

  1. Accommodating Size Variations: Hastings stock tanks can have slight size variations due to their nesting during transportation. By waiting to build your deck until after the pool is installed, you can accurately measure the actual dimensions of the pool in its final position. This ensures that your deck will be perfectly sized to fit the specific pool you have.

  2. Optimal Placement and Design: Installing the pool first allows you to determine the best placement within your outdoor space. Once the pool is in position, you can assess its location and surroundings to design a deck that complements and enhances the pool area. This approach ensures a cohesive and functional backyard layout.

  3. Customization and Integration: Seeing the pool in place can inspire creative deck designs. You'll have a better understanding of how the deck can be customized to integrate seamlessly with the pool, creating a visually appealing and practical outdoor living space.

  4. Efficient Construction: Building the deck after the pool is installed can streamline the construction process. With the pool as a reference point, you can efficiently plan and build the deck to ensure it meets your aesthetic and functional requirements.

Consultation and Preparation

Before proceeding, it's advisable to consult with professionals familiar with stock tank pools and deck construction. Reach out to us at Ranch Pools to discuss any questions you may have!

In conclusion, installing your stock tank pool before building your deck allows for greater flexibility, customization, and efficiency in creating your backyard oasis. By taking this approach, you'll be better positioned to design a deck that perfectly complements your pool and enhances your outdoor living experience. Get ready to enjoy your unique and inviting backyard retreat!

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